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The CMS You've Been Waiting For!

Webmetic CMS is designed for simplicity - for both designers and content editors. So whether you're an experienced web designer or a non-technical business owner Webmetic CMS gives you the ability to be your own webmaster and manage your website the way you need. Easy to use management tools, in-depth reporting plus many other great features that put you in control of your website!

  • Web 2.0 & AJAX
  • CMS Modules
  • Professional Templates
  • Social Media Ready
  • SEO Optimized
  • Multiple Languages

Designer Partner Program

Don't waste time learning templating languages, setting up servers, or training users; Webmetic CMS solves these problems out of the box.

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CMS That Fits Into Your Design

Unlike other CMS solutions that force you to think in terms of blocks or modules, Webmetic CMS provides truly flexible content management.

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Why do over 1,000 clients trust Webmetic?

Powerful SEO Features

Not only do Assembla’s tools help you get more done, they keep your team organized and focused along the way making the development process cleaner and faster for everyone involved.

Support Custom Design

We are constantly learning from the global development community and improving our understanding of what development teams expect from their tools, which translates into frequent product updates.

No Technical Skills Required

We know because we get told so everyday. For any questions, you can email us, post on our forums, and even call us and talk to a real person. Our support team is knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to help.

Telephone & Email Support

Rest assured that your data is safe and always available. Projects are hosted on triple-redundant server network that allows us to provide 99.9 percent uptime and no loss of data, even in emergency situations.

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